Little Miriam's Nose

Little Miriam's Nose

new fiction

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What is the riddle of the Petitjohn jigsaws? Who is the mysterious Mr Belcher? How does the Tasmanian devil fit into the equation? Whatis the secret of Little Docking Farm? And what is Charlotte Cory's role in the whole thing?  This story - a riddle, a mystery, a puzzle, a secret - is a literary game that will keep you guessing till the end, and beyond.

author: Charlotte Coryillustrations: Charlotte Corydesign:  Vince Haigisbn: 978-1-9162321-3-6


“One of the pleasures of reading Charlotte Cory…. is the sense of exuberant invention... A natural storyteller” - The Guardian

“In quite another league of invention” -  Financial Times

 “Exuberant, witty, bizarre... Sophisticated, sure-footed and entertaining” - The Observer

“Strange, almost exuberant nihilism... Every story has imagination, wit and compassion” - The Sunday Times

Charlotte Cory is an acclaimed visual artist, and the author of 3 previous novels, The Unforgiving (1991), The Laughter of Fools (1993) and The Guest (1996), all published by Faber and Faber. Her return to fiction writing, The Lemon Painters, was published by Calque Press. Her animal reworkings of Victoriana, the Visitoriana series, are held in numerous collections, including the Royal Collection at Windsor, and have been exhibited in galleries all around the world. Her work as a print artist includes several iconic covers for poetry collections by Sylvia Plath, Seamus Heany and Paul Muldoon. She lives in France and the UK.


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