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At Calque we publish small editions of poetry, illustrated short fiction, single-author anthologies, novels and multi-author anthologies. We are developing two more collections, Calque Pamphlets and Calque Cartonera.

The Calque team worked in publishing for more than a decade, mostly in the EU, in various roles and for different organisations: from small presses to collaborations with middle-size publishing houses; growing a project from small to unmanageable; and, lastly, establishing collaborations and partnerships with the more corporate sectors of the industry. With Calque, we want to venture into a new direction, take a step back, rethink. How this project is going to be different. What we want it to be, what we do not want it to be. 

By incorporating questions of crafting, upcycling and book art into the publishing process we are trying to expand the possibilities of what publishing can 'do'. Publishing limited editions help us be kind to the environment. Working with a publishing model that value these knowledge-making practices, we can incorporate issues we care about to our practice, such as sustainability or community-building. As we have explained elsewhere, we are extremely keen on translation, new writing, and recovering long-lost authors that deserve a second chance

If the above resonates, or if you would like to contribute with our ongoing mission, please do buy our books and merch. That helps us directly. We have also pledge to donate part of our profit to charitable causes. Our forthcoming edition of Parting Song is a project made in partnership with Crude Accountability's ongoing Prove their alive! campaign.