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At Calque we publish small editions of poetry, illustrated short fiction, single-author anthologies, novels and multi-author anthologies. Translation helps us build bridges between people and places. We are keen on bilingual and multi-lingual authors and projects.

We are at present developing two more collections, Calque Pamphlets and Calque Cartonera, as we aim to incorporate questions of crafting, upcycling and sustainability into the publishing process. We collaborate with artists and are extremely keen on illustrated editions.

Publishing limited and print-on-demand editions help us be kind to the environment. Our publishing model is sustainable and stresses building a community over growth. We have partnered with Ecology, and, as a small and local business, everything we do is aimed at achieving net-zero emissions.

If you would like to contribute with our project, please do buy our books: that helps us directly. 

Making a direct donation

You can now make a one-off direct donation to our project through PayPal.


Joining our Patreon

You can also support us through Patreon, where you will have access to early-bird tickets to our events, and our monthly newsletter, The Calque Newsletter. We will post details of how to make this happen soon.