A small and occasional press

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There are many ways of being part of the Calque community. One of them is to attend one of our online or live events. We have taught and run workshops on creative writing, both poetry and prose, and book production, in particular indie and small press-related, from conception to production and publication. We are interested in the idea of the book as a ‘made’ artefact, including illustration and design, and techniques such as letterpress publishing, pamphlet and collage making. As publishers, our ethos aligns with the community-building possibilities of these knowledge-making practices, as well as the reflection they pose on questions of craft, activism and sustainability. Our pamphlet collection is made following a hand-made approach, and we are planning to launch a collection of unique hand-made cardboard bilingual books, Calque Cartonera, bringing together our passions for collage making, upcycling and book art.

After searching (and saving!) for many years, we have now a beautiful 1866 Columbian press in our, at present, frankly overrun conservatory. During the Covid-19 pandemic this room has been children's playroom, office, and teaching room. Our plans to start face-to-face sessions on-site have been understandably derailed, but we are still hopeful to be able to offer some of our activities soon.