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Calque Ideas Logo by Vince Haig.
What are we looking for?
We are always happy to receive submissions for our series of pamphlets, Calque Ideas. We like the different, the liminal, the strange, fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, essays and ekphrasis, translation, experimental or hybrid projects. New voices, previously untranslated authors, multilingual and bilingual authors and projects, and, in general, writing from the margins that deserves to be brought to the centre of the conversation. 


We are extremely keen on speculative and near-future fictions, and fiction in general that broadens our understanding of the issues that matter, and serves as a space to imagine creative futures. Translation, science fiction, mystical writing, poetry, the relationship of all of that with creative practice and our world. We envision Calque Ideas as a small space for discovery and exploration of new ideas.  If in doubt, check out what we have published so far. 

Which format?

Short and sweet, the seed of an idea, the tip of the Iceberg. We have limited the word count to c. 5,000 words of prose, and no more than 12 pages of poetry. However, if your project is likely to be longer, do get in touch with an approximate idea of length, and we promise to have a look at it. 

How to submit?

Please write to us through our contact page in the first instance, with a summary of the project (max. 500 words), and a short BIO (max. 100 words), and we will be in touch. We aim at replying to everyone in a timely manner, but please be aware that the editor of the collection has a day job, small children, and cats.  

Is there a deadline?

This is an open submission, without deadline at present. 

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

We do not have a problem with this, we only ask that, please, you let us know as soon as possible if the work has been accepted for publication elsewhere.

I still have questions.

Please write to us:

The Calque Team