An Invite to Eternity - Tales of Nature Disrupted

An Invite to Eternity - Tales of Nature Disrupted

translation/new fiction

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A collection of ecological short fiction for our times, from an international group of writers, working from a variety of languages, cultures and traditions.

An Invite to Eternity represents literary modes and genres including speculative fiction, weird fiction, dark horror or fantasy, science-eco-fiction, folk or environmental horror, the eerie and the uncanny, in order to find a common language to articulate our present challenge in the face of the most pressing problem humanity is facing: anthropogenic climate change.  The anthology includes fiction written originally in English, short fiction in translation, and also stories produced by a new generation of multi-lingual authors working in more than one language, and engaging with more than one culture.

  • edition: Gary Budden and Marian Womack
  • foreword: Helen Marshall
  • translations: Leena Likitalo, Jamie Rann, James Womack, Marian Womack
  • design: Vince Haig
  • isbn: 978-1-9162321-0-5
  • pages: 


    Foreword, by Helen Marshall

    Introduction, by Gary Budden and Marian Womack

    Naomi Booth - WARNING: Localised Quicksand

    Claire Dean - Lichen Storey

    Tiina Raevaara - The Birds Always Return 

    Malcolm Devlin - My Uncle Eff

    DP Watt - We are the Clay

    Usman T Malik Laal Andhi

    Aliya Whiteley - Star in the Spire

    Sofía Rhei (trans. Marian Womack) - The Apprentice

    Kathleen Rani Hagen - Snow, Wind and Diesel

    Gareth E. Rees - Tyrannosaurs Bask in the Warmth of the Asteroid

    Vida Cruz - In the Shadow of the Typhoon, Humans and Mahiwaga Cooperate for Survival

    Kristen Roupenian - The Rainbow

    Camilla Grudova - Jackfruit 

    Timothy J. Jarvis - Brother Burgholt's Charm 

    Alberto Chimal (trans. James Womack) - Body

    Anna Starobinets (trans. James Rann) - The Parasite

    Regina Kanyu Wang - The Story of Dao

    Alexandra Manglis - What Planets Are These, Conjured from the Depths of Our Imagination?


    Horror - More Horror Fiction from Calque

    Nature - More Books about the Planet from Calque

    Science Fiction - More Science Fiction from Calque

    Translation - More Translated Titles from Calque

    Weird Fiction - More Weird/Uncanny from Calque

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