Pamphlet Three - Poems Are Toys (And Toys Are Good for You)

Pamphlet Three - Poems Are Toys (And Toys Are Good for You)

calque ideas

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Calque Ideas provides an opportunity for writers to think aloud, using their own experiences and knowledge to approach topics in an accessible and attractive way.

Jon Stone sets about to try to get us to do things with poems, rather than further the widespread idea that a poem is a statement—heart-rending, striking, overwhelming—of something relatable made by a particular individual. In a refreshing turn to the idea of poem as object, Stone argues that if we can only start thinking of a poem as something to play with, a device which holds no single meaning, but which instead is activated by our engagement with it, then many of the entrenched positions readers and practitioners espouse will be shown for the coercive expressions they are.    

  • author: Jon Stone
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Jon Stone is a Derbyshire-born writer, editor and researcher who publishes collaborative anthologies as one half of Sidekick Books. He won an Eric Gregory Award in 2012, the Poetry London Prize in 2014 and 2016 and the Live Canon International Poetry Competition in 2018. School of Forgery (Salt, 2012) was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. His most recent short books are Unravelanche (Broken Sleep, 2021) and Sandsnarl (The Emma Press, 2021). He has also published a monograph, Dual Wield: The Interplay of Poetry and Video Games (DeGruyter, 2022). His website is



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