BUNDLE PRE-ORDER: Lost Objects + Out of the Window, Into the Dark
BUNDLE PRE-ORDER: Lost Objects + Out of the Window, Into the Dark

BUNDLE PRE-ORDER: Lost Objects + Out of the Window, Into the Dark

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Marian Womack's two volumes of short fiction, in a bundle.

LOST OBJECTS: These stories explore place and landscape at different stages of decay, positioning them as fighting grounds for death and renewal. From dystopian Andalusia to Scotland or the Norfolk countryside, they bring together monstrous insects, ghostly lovers, soon-to-be extinct species, unexpected birds, and interstellar explorers, to form a coherent narrative about loss and absence.

OUT OF THE WINDOW, INTO THE DARK: The solitary employee of a library-planet grapples with industrial espionage. The connection between a rare indie comic and a local boogie-man is discovered by two brothers. In a future museum of the mind, a nostalgia-addicted curator tries to understand the emotions of 20th century humans. An Anglo-Saxon traveller narrates his journey to the Arctic to his King. A group of friends try to capture, and eat, the last Pink Footed goose on Planet Earth…

Marian Womack’s new collection of short stories show us how the then and the now, the future and the past, are made of the same particles. Loneliness, nostalgia and its dark ghosts, and the possibilities for humanity if technology and preservation dovetail, are brought together with Womack’s characteristic crossing of genres, places and moods. Out Through the Window, Into the Dark is a collection for our and future times, movingly demonstrating the devastating consequences of our collective actions. 


“An intriguing and illuminating first collection, chockfull of interesting ideas about the natural world and ourselves.” Jeff VanderMeer

“A beautiful, haunting eulogy to our planet.” Eco-Fiction


“This book – an aviary of the strange, a vital evocation of wild and fleeting spirits – marks the emergence of a fantastic new talent.” Helen Marshall

“Luminous and disturbing as the unearthly things they describe, Marian Womack’s gorgeously written tales map the shifting boundaries between waking life and dream, past and future and our own profoundly unsettled present. Reading them left me with goosebumps.” Elizabeth Hand

“These stories, where birds drop from the sky and giant butterflies haunt the imagination, fizz with a unique and strange originality.” Gary Budden

“These short story gems dance at the edge of the world, finding poetry in loss and devastation. Marian Womack is an artist with a unique and powerfully-wrought vision.” Una McCormack

“A gorgeous, intelligent collection, both masterfully written and cannily prescient… and crafted in a manner that I suspect we will come to recognise as uniquely Womack.” Laura Mauro, Black Static

Marian Womack is a bilingual Hispanic-British author, editor and translator of Weird fiction, Horror, speculative fiction, and fiction of the Anthropocene. Her writing deals with man’s relationship with nature and its loss through cross-genre, hybrid and experimental approaches, and she holds a PhD in Creative Writing and Environmental Humanities.

Marian’s publications include the novels The Swimmers (2021), The Golden Key (2020), and On the Nature of Magic (2023). Her short fiction has been included in numerous collaborative works, used in art installations, and collected in the volumes Lost Objects (2018), and Out Through The Window, Into The Dark (2024). She co-edited, with Gary Budden, the international eco-fiction anthology An Invite to Eternity: Tales of Nature Disrupted (Calque Press, 2019), and is a contributor to Writing the Future: Essays on Crafting Science Fiction (2023). She has taught creative writing, publishing studies and book history in Spain and the UK, and is the first Spanish graduate of the Clarion Writer’s Workshop.

Marian’s work has been included in Year’s Bests, selected among the top science fiction novels of the year by The Sunday Times, and nominated for two British Fantasy Awards and one British Science Fiction Association Award. She is a member of the Climate Fiction Writer's League.


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