A Sieve Filled With Berries
A Sieve Filled With Berries
A Sieve Filled With Berries
A Sieve Filled With Berries

A Sieve Filled With Berries

poetry/bilingual edition

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With original illustrations by the author.

Liza Neklessa writes poems at once sensuous and robust: she describes a world where the overgrown debris of the Soviet era is the background for tenderness and infatuation. Her long poem A Sieve Filled With Berries is a vindication of the distinct freedoms of the artist and the lover, and shows once again how the individual can never be fitted into any mass-produced or state-sponsored straitjacket.

A Sieve Filled with Berries is about desire and nature, the first flush of a love affair, the way the world seems brighter when you might start to see it through someone else's eyes. Liza is interested in feminist discourse, and she works in the space between visual art and poetry with topics of objectification, gender-based violence, and gender stereotypes. Translated by Philippa Mullins, this illustrated edition includes Neklessa's own images, which comment on and enlarge the scope of the poem.

  • author: Liza Neklessa
  • illustrations: Liza Neklessa
  • translations: Philippa Mullins
  • design: Vince Haig
  • isbn: 978-1-9162321-5-0
  • pages: 66


Liza Neklessa (b.1989) is an artist and poet from Moscow, Russia. She has exhibited in many countries, and her work is held in private collections in Boston, Brussels, Geneva, Kyoto, and Moscow. She is the author of the books A Sieve Filled with Berries and A Phenomenology of Death: Some Notes, as well as of the poetry and art project ‘Women’s Voice’. Her poetry and prose have been published in journals and literary projects in Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. She has been included multiple times in 49ART’s ranking of outstanding contemporary Russian artists.

Philippa Mullins translates from Russian to English. Her translations have been published in The Denver Quarterly, Poetry London, and the Russian Oppositional Arts Review (ROAR). She lives in Yerevan, Armenia.


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