Pamphlet Six - The People on the Wall

Pamphlet Six - The People on the Wall

calque ideas

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Calque Ideas provides an opportunity for writers to think aloud, using their own experiences and knowledge to approach topics in an accessible and attractive way.

A compressed history, The People on the Wall tells us a lot about family dynamics and the ways in which the past unavoidably colours and sketches the present, via an account of a pair of sketches Charlotte Cory's parents kept in their house, and then employed, as was their habit, as emotional bargaining chips. Taking in Edward Elgar, the <i>Titanic</i>, society portraiture of the nineteenth century, student life, boiled cake, Charlotte Brontë, a box of buttons and the work of a vandalising picture-framer, in Cory's hands a whole dynamic world explodes out of a few resonant details.

  • authors: Charlotte Cory
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Charlotte Cory is the first artist to be inducted into The Art Workers’ Guild as a Storyteller. She is the author of 5 novels, 3 of which were published by Faber and Faber and numerous original BBC radio drama series, short stories and plays. With Calque Press she has published the collection The Lemon Painters and Little Miriam's Nose. She is also an artist best known for her VISITORIANA - a complete, fantastical, "wholly believable" alternative 19th Century, a post-Darwinian intriguing universe of reworked, recycled, collaged and montaged Victorian "carte de visite" photography. Her artworks are in the Royal Collection at Windsor, and have been sold at art fairs all round the world, and exhibited in galleries in Britain, France and Germany, the USA and including the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibitions in London. She divides her time between Greenwich, London on the River Thames, where she has a big 1863 Columbian press with an eagle on top, and Sancerre on the River Loire in France, where she works on a small cast iron 1832 Albion press.


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