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There are many ways of being part of the Calque community. You can give us a follow on social media, you can submit to us, or you can attend one of our online or live events. Watch this space for book launches, workshops on poetry, fiction, and translation, guerrilla publishing, including zines, chapbooks and pamphlets.


forthcoming events

Charlotte Cory will be launching her two books, The Lemon Painters and Little Miriam's Nose in London in December. Watch this page for updates.

forthcoming books

Fog at the border, Hassier Larretxea. Translated from the Spanish by James Womack

A sieve filled with berries, Liza Neklessa. Translated from the Russian by Phillipa Mullins, illustrated by the author.

Parting Song, Batyr Berdyev. Translated from the Russian by James Womack. In collaboration with the Prove their alive! human rights campaign.

The Queen of Spades, Alexander Pushkin. Translated from the Russian by James Womack, illustrated by Sandra Rilova (image above).

Bush Studies, Barbara Baynton. 


We will be announcing a small paid internship soon. Watch this space for updates.

keeping in touch

Want to hear about our workshops, events, and book releases? Please see our contact page for more details.