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Fog at the Border [Spring | Summer 2022]

Fog at the Border [Spring | Summer 2022]


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The first book in English translation by Basque nature writer and poet Hasier Larretxea.

A delicate investigation of what it means to grow up in the politically-charged Basque country, as a son expecting to follow his father's footsteps. A series of poems meditating on sexuality, landscape, and identity. 


'With serene sensuousness, [Larretxea] takes note of the smallest changes he sees in the objects that make up the world. In a world of dangerous rocks that confuse our footsteps, humanity comes across as something noble, even as he describes individuals burdened with their own loneliness.' Francisco Javier Irazoki, El Cultural

'Fog At the Border is an honest, intelligent book, deeply-thought and skilful in its analysis of the most delicate subjects. The kind of book that makes you want to say that you hope to read many more by its author, although this one will last a very long time, and will grow with each reading, as we will grow with it.' Martín López-Vega, Director of Cultural Projects, Instituto Cervantes. 


Hasier Larretxea was born in Arriaoz, a village in the Valle de Baztan, Navarra, in 1982. He has lived in Madrid for many years.

In 2018 he published his first prose book in Castilian, What the Woods Speak, a multi-media work including illustrations by the artist and designer Zuri Negrín and photographs by Paola Lozano. He regularly performs his nature poetry alongside his father, a famous aizkolari (traditional Basque sportsman), who accompanies his son's recital while cutting tree trunks with an axe. 

He began his career as a poet in Basque, publishing two volumes of poetry, Azken bala (2008) and Atakak (2011). Then he began to translate his own work and to write directly in Castilian. His work in Castilian includes the books Fog at the Border (2015), From a New Land (2016), and Earthly Meridians (2017). 

  • translation: James Womack
  • design: Zuri Negrín

Hasier Larretxea performing his poetry (Basque):

Hasier Larretxea performing his poetry (Castilian):