about calque press

This is Calque Press, the new English-language imprint of Ediciones Nevsky, founded in Madrid in 2009 right after the first wave of the global economic crisis. The early days of the project were mostly dedicated to bringing Soviet and Russian science fiction to Spanish readers, demonstrating our double commitment: to literature as a form of activism and political commentary, and to building bridges between different readerships and cultures. In uncertain economic and geopolitical times, small press publishing offered a chance to build an international community around a collaborative ethos; Spanish newspaper El País called Nevsky 'a project that reinvigorates Spanish indie publishing'.

Calque Press arises from the same urge: to discover underrepresented authors to a new readership, to build links between cultures, and to establish, across languages and countries, an activist community of authors, translators, booksellers, librarians and other specialists. 

The project's remit, Translation, Poetry and Nature, reflects our interests in diversity in small press publishing, and more generally in the political possibilities of literature.

Welcome to Calque Press!

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