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Marian is a bilingual author, translator and editor. She was born in Andalusia and has lived in Scotland, England, Madrid and southern Spain. Marian worked in Spanish-language publishing for nearly a decade, in roles focusing on bringing previously untranslated female authors to Spanish-speaking countries. Her authors included Margaret Oliphant, Gladys Mitchell, Kate Marsden, Charlotte Cory, Nina Allan, Lisa Tuttle, Anna Starobinets and Karin Tidbeck. Alongside these discovery efforts she was one of the first publishers in Spain to commission equal number of female and male authors in anthologies and collaborative projects, to include new voices alongside more established authors, and to publish speculative fiction in literary fiction lists, something that had not been done before. This led her to be named one of the most influential under-40s in Spanish-language publishing in 2015. Marian writes in English and Spanish. Her most recent novel in English is The Swimmers (Titan Books, 2021). She has taught creative writing, publishing studies and book history in Spain and the UK, is enthusiastic about libraries and material culture, and has held library posts at Glasgow, Oxford and Cambridge universities. Marian currently teaches on the Oxford University writing programme, works as Hispanic Librarian at the Modern Languages Faculty at Cambridge University, and is a keen collagist and pamphlet-maker. marianwomack.com | Instagram: @beekeepermadrid

JAMES WOMACK - EDITOR (poetry, translation) 

James was born in Cambridge in 1979. He studied Russian, English and translation at university. After the first wave of the global economic crisis he founded Nevsky Prospects, an independent publishing project based in Madrid with connections around Europe and Eurasia, focusing on Russian literature. The press specialised on authors never before translated into Spanish (Teffi, Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal, Gaito Gazdanov, Alexander Bogdanov), and published the first Spanish translation of The Master & Margarita since the 1960s, and the first one to follow Bulgakov's preferred text, which became an instant bestseller in Spain and Latin America. James teaches English and European literatures and translation at Cambridge University, where he is Modern Languages Bye-Fellow at Fitzwilliam College. He has published three poetry collections, all with Carcanet, Misprint (2012), On Trust: A Book of Lies (2017), and Homunculus (2020). James is an award-winning translator of poetry, mostly from Russian and Spanish, into English. His most recent translations are Heaven, by Manuel Vilas, and a selection of poetry by Vladimir Mayakovsky, both published by Carcanet. He is also the translator of a selection of the prison poetry of the Turkmen dissident Batyr Berdyev, published by the Prove They Are Alive! Campaign. His next translation will be a new version of Spanish Nobel laureate Camilo Jose Cela's The Hive for the New York Review of Books Classics collection. james-womack.com | Instagram: @nightwithclaire



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