Cinema Writings [Spring 2020]

Cinema Writings [Spring 2020]

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Forthcoming Spring 2020

This complete collection of Mayakovsky's essays about cinema, together with his eleven screenplays, shows a different side to the poet than that represented by soviet propaganda.

Committed, witty, deeply interested in human psychology, as well as in the latest technological developments, this book is a fascinating introduction to Mayakovsky beyond his better-known poetry, but also to the cinema industry in the first few years of the Soviet regime, when artists and politicians were trying to find out how better to use this new and powerful invention.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Maiakovski (1893-1930) was a poet and playwright connected with the Russian Revolution, and one of the most significant figures of Russian poetry at the beginning of the twentieth century. He studied Arts in Moscow, and one of the founders of the Futurist Movement in poetry. After the Revolution, he supported the cultural politics of the bolshevik administration. Tormented by love and by his increasing ambivalence towards the Soviet project, in 1930 he shot himself in the heart.

  • translation: James Womack
  • design: Calque Press